Thursday, January 17, 2008


I think it's really cool that the prefects are finally coming out with something like the T-Shirt designing contest!I hope our t-shirts this year will be a memorable one,cause it will be our last prefect t-shirt...T-T...OK!Back to happy things!XD

I got a SUPER ADORABLE LIL PET BROTHER!!!Sadly,I don't have his cute picture...T-T...he call me 'Jie Jie'!!!I feel so touched!!!T-T...I saw him on the way back to school after lunch,and I was like 'SHU NENG!!!XD*chase after him*'...he saw me and he ran away but I sneaked behind him and pinch his cheek again!God,me love pinching his cheek!!!XD...

Today,was a lil weird Chloe was crying because a cat ate a hamster and both of them died at the same time...but i gotta weird feeling that it's not true...and I'm not really happy with the selection of AJK's for the interact me evil but i think its really unfair to some people...

Cheer practice was interesting today!I think we learned half of the steps for the whole routine already!And I'm REALLY HAPPY THAT I'M IN THE TEAM THIS YEAR!!!THANK YOU,ALL MY GODS and ALL MY SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS!!!LOVE YA ALL!!!

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