Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hello!Hello!I'm back with some yummy updates!^_^

Today,went to ride the L.R.T. with Fei Sin,Wesley,Weng Cheok and Kuo Jian at 8a.m. to tuition which starts at 9a.m. so we reached Plaza Rakyat around 8.30-ish and we ate breakfast at some stall and it only costs us Rm2.20!!!For 1 bowl of peanut porridge and a plate of Yau Char Kwai!!!And its DELiCIOUS!!!SUPER CHEAP!!!I wanna go eat there everyday if its possible!!!After tuition,went to jalan-jalan at Central Market to look for Chloe's birthday present and I love the flip-flops they sell there so nice and the colourful ethnic handbags are beautiful,maybe I will buy one once I get my allowance!

Don't drink this!I don't like it!It taste weird!

Contains ice lemon tea,apple tea,jasmine green tea,white grape tea,peach tea,chrsantemum tea.

I love McDonalds because of this!Limited edition Beijing Olympics ice-creams!Blueberry flavour is my favourite!
Yesterday,me,Ivan,Jun Hin,Weng Cheok,Fei Sin,Shurong and Chloe went to eat at Honey Star to celebrate Chloe's birthday earlier when her real birthday date is 15 August,which is the day where the Hell Gate is closing.We took a really long time to order cause there's so many food to choose from but in the end I went with the Honey Lamb!Which turn out to be super yummy!And I would like to tell you more but I'll save it for the next day!Cause yesterday we were pretty crazy!

Our friendship bears!

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