Saturday, August 9, 2008

We Are Ready!

Beijing is READY!The opening ceremony yesterday was awesome!!!I really like the part where they shoot up the fireworks that releases SMILEY FACES on the sky!And not forgetting the big ball thing that took 1 year to be built!Very cute!And I really admire Zhang Yimou who happens to be the mastermind behind the opening ceremony and he made 'Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon'!He's a very creative and a powerful man,don't cha think?

The opening ceremony turned very boring when they start showing the 208 countries that are participating!!!After they shown Malaysia,which the guys came out in "songkok's" and the girls in" kebaya's",I went and took a shower,came out of the shower,blow dried my hair already 30 minutes.I came down they're still showing the countries that are participating and there was 85 more countries which haven't walked out!I gived up and went to catch some Zzz's...

I really enjoy English class in Kasturi!The teacher which is an indian man,is a very funny man!He uses real life situations to teach some words like vain,where he told us it means a person who thinks they're the most beautiful person in the world and this is what he told us...

Teacher:I asked a girl from CBN,what do you call a girl who thinks she's the most beautiful girl among everybody?CBN girl said,I call her a BITCH.

It may not sound funny here but when he told us that it was hilarious!

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