Sunday, August 24, 2008


And her name is Ding Ding!!!XD

I know it's sound retarded but I wasn't the one who named her so I have no choice...I wanted to call her Kiki or 'Brownie' cause she's brown!My dad named her that cause she's from a breed called "Lhasa Apso" which comes from Tibet about 2000 years ago(Got this info from the poster in the pet shop) and there's a new singer called Sa Dingding from some remote place in China and she just won an award...She's getting popular actually!She sings songs in Sanskrit language and tibetan language and many more!And she is a very pretty girl,young too!So now you know,why my dog is called Ding Ding!

And we just got her yesterday!!!And she looks like a sea cucumber...Here's the proof!

Don't you agree?Like a 'gamat'(sea cucumber in Bahasa Melayu)!!!

I don't have any more pictures of her cause my phone's camera is 'cacated' if you wanna see her come to my house!!!XD.But here's a picture that will give you an image of her face!

No,that is not my dog,just to show you how her face looks like!(credits to whoever who own's this picture)

Anyway,she's 4 months old only so she's like a baby...and she will pee and poop here and there which annoys my family a lot but we still love her!She costs Rm700...

She looks really similar to a Shih-Tzu but she's not a Shih-Tzu...So now I have 2 dogs at home,means more mess,more pee and more poop...but more fun!XD....My dad is now surrounded by 6 girls!Lucky him!

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