Tuesday, August 12, 2008


FOR NATIONAL SERVICE,BABY!!!WOOT!!!*throws confetti*

But my mum did ask whether I wanna volunteer to go...I immediately said NO!!!For those who got chosen for N.S I hope you enjoy yourself and the experience that you're gonna get!

Today was quite an experience where I got free driving lessons from Ivan!!!After having lunch at Calorie with Ivan,Fei Sin,Jun Hin,Shurong and Eugene who came by to join us too,Ivan and Eugene drove us to this empty parking lot somewhere on the way to Bukit Jalil station to learn to drive!I didn't really have the guts to do it at first but Ivan was very patient when he thought me how to press the brake,clutch and the accelerator for a manual car.Thank you,Ivan!!!XD

After seeing Fei Sin and Jun Hin drive,I don't think I wanna sit in the car when they are driving...It would be terrifying!Shurong got carsick after sitting in the car when they were driving,thank god he didn't puke!XP

And Ivan is maybe gonna receive a nice letter from the traffic police after a few days cause he sort of drive past when the traffic light was red and he didn't know there was a camera there so I wish him all the best that he doesn't get the 'saman' letter!

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