Thursday, March 27, 2008

Very nice...Part1

As you can see its very nice today!Me,Samantha,Selishia & Mark,Pui Yin,Li-Anne ponteng school to Emily's house to go shopping at Times Square and Sungei Wang!And I finally got the FT ISLAND ALBUM!!!!!!!!After all the searching and dissapointments I have gone through,I finally have it!Bought it for RM80 from Victoria Music at Sungei Wang!Got free poster also!Must go there more frequently!XD

And I got my yellow top!!!Another FINALLY!!!XD...I can wear it when I'm gettin their autographs on Saturday!And I bought Guarana Lip Butter from The Body Shop!I love it a lot,even my dog likes the smell!And I'm actually doing a good cause from buying it!HIV awareness,baby!!!

Lemme remember what else I bought...oh,ya!I bought a Phantom Of The Opera mask for Grandpa Wu Zhen!It will be his early birthday present!XD...he better thank me for it!...or I'll ask him to pay back my RM18 back!

and I also bought something special for Saturday when we'll be celebratin Samantha's birthday!

after everyone else went home and Emily and I are the only ones left...we hung out at the playground at her condo and we saw the gangster dude from my school and his friends swimming in the pool in their bermuda triangles...and the most horrible sight was the fatty in his group was wearing a so small bermuda that we saw his butt crack!Eewww...!

And we found a Barney soft toy at the slides so i picked it up and suddenly,this super adorable lil boy came to me with his goo-goo eyes,and it's was his so I gave it back to him and after he left I was like Aawww....

Will continue when I'm free and I'll upload the pics next time cause me need to catch some zzz's now....

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