Monday, March 10, 2008


Today,me,Jayce,Chloe,Amanda.C,Emily,Sook Yee,Wai Yew,Eric.L,Mun Ping,Kok Hao,Ivan,Jun HIn and that's all i guess if my memory is working right...first we met up at school at 9.00a.m and we walked all the way to the bus station under the hot morning sun!Chloe was really pissed that why didnt we wait at the bus station right outside our school...but she cooled down once we got into the bus...

We reached the Old Folk's Home and boy,it was awkward!Those old people was like giving the I don't like you look to all of us and we wanted to clean the place but it was already cleaned so we just took pictures there...and the old people there are very unfriendly so don't make me go to a old folk's home anymore!!!

We went to Mid Valley after that,and some of us planned to watch 10,000BC the movie but before the movie we went to Brewball!and it was SNOOKER FEVER!evryone was playing snooker and it was fun!Emily climbed on the snooker table a lot of times!And sad,that I have to leave early!T-T...I didn't get to find my yellow top!!!T-T...I wanna wear that yellow top to the FT ISLAND autograph session!!!!If I can go...

I'll post pics next time so wait for me!!!

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