Friday, September 11, 2009

My mistake!

i_love_you_beth_cooper.jpg (JPEG Image, 510x755 pixels) - Scaled (67%)

OK it turns out I was too blurr to realize that 'The Ugly Truth' movie was not out when I went on Wednesday!So we watched 'I love you,Beth Cooper' instead!It's a really funny movie!XD

I laughed from start to finish!XD.I'm gonna get the book whenever I see MPH or Borders!

It was nice to see Kuo Jian,Weng Cheok,Ivan,Chloe aka Rabbit & Fei Sin again!XD.None of them changed,still as crazy and horny in Kuo Jian's case as ever!XD

Went to Hoho Steamboat for dinner and it's like the 3rd farewell for Chloe as she is leaving for Russia soon!XD.Seriously,I don't know why we have so many farewell celebrations but maybe there will be more until we know for sure when she is leaving.

I have pictures but lazy to upload and I have to study!Finals starting tomorrow at 2p.m till the 23rd!T_T

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