Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't click...

with my family to be honest.

I'm not really close with my parents or my sisters because sometimes the things that they do annoys the crap out of me and there's nothing to talk about with them.

I envy those who can be close to their siblings or parents...I also wonder why can't I have that?

I don't really enjoy myself whenever we go on family vacations because I don't see the point of it when everytime i hear my 2 younger sisters argue over a small issue and my parents also.How to enjoy when they are arguing and I can't even have peace,until I put on the earphones of my BonBon(my Mp3's name).

Maybe I prefer hanging with my friends more than my family cause i can truly be myself with my friends.Whenever I'm with my family I have to put up a good daughter act that they want so that i won't get in trouble.

I find peace by reading my novels,listening to songs or just playing with my 2 dogs or just staring at something...

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