Monday, December 22, 2008


Brownies!!!eating the Secret Recipe brownie while typing now!Super delicious!I even warm it up in the oven so all the chocolate is melted and mushy!I know its quite fattening to eat stuff after 8p.m but who cares?XD

3rd destination-Pulau Pangkor la.In the boat on the way to Pulau Pangkor,there was this cute angmoh(orang putih) guy sitting on the deck playing with his phone!!!He has blond hair!Chloe got stalker-ish and took a picture of him!XD.We sat in cute pink vans to reach our hotel,the van can fit 11 people too!We stayed in an apartment which 3 rooms with queen-size beds and a nice balcony!You can climb to other rooms from the balcony but me being the scaredy-cat didn't try it cause our apartment was on the 3rd floor which happens to be the highest!

After dinner,me & Chloe went to the beach and Edwin & Kok How did a dance performance based on the song called 'my Girl' which is some old song,Kok How sang very badly and loudly on the beach when there was a lot of people!Very embarassing but we don't care cause it was super funny until it made us laughed like a bunch hyenas and stomach ache afterwards!XD

The next day,we went snorkelling which cost us RM25 per person and the guide brought us to some shallow place and showed us the sea urchin and the sea cucumber.He threw the super digusting sea cucumbers on us making all the girls scream for their lifes!I will never ever eat the super digusting sea cucumber eventhough its already cooked!And my advice don't waste your money snorkelling there cause the fishes run away from you and the sea is very greeny like its full of algae so you can't see much things down there.We played the banana boat and this 4-person float thing which was really exciting and better than the banana boat!While riding it,you can feel as if you will fly out of the float if you don't hold tight so this is a must-try for thrill ride seekers!XD

Almost every meal we had in Pangkor contains rice,prawns,fish,crabs and other seafood stuff!Some were delicious but some are just mediocre but our last meal before we reached K.L was the best!Delicious betul!You should see Chloe's face when they serve the dishes!Its like she saw gold!The first dish was the prawns,and all of us love it!It was so fresh and the sauce was yummy!

The Pangkor pictures are here so feel free to have a look!!!^_^

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