Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas 2008

Went to Mid Valley on Christmas eve(24th December la) with Chloe,Jun Hin,Ivan,Samantha,Amanda C.,Hui Yi,Soue Jen,Weng Cheok,Shurong & Eugene.Had lunch in Pasta Zanmai again!XD.Man,I love that restaurant!After that,we watched 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua',I don't really like it,its kinda boring.I wanted to watch 'Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging'!Looks like I have to depend on youtube!XD.After the movie,went grocery shopping for tonight's steamboat in Jun Hin's house and some went booze shopping also.They were out of KAMPAI!!!HOW CAN YOU RUN OUT OF KAMPAI!!!I went all the way there and you tell me you are out of KAMPAI!!!(excuse my sudden burst of anger)

At night,prepared the steamboat things and waited for people to come.While waiting,Weng Cheok & Shurong got impatient and start drinking the red wine!I drank a little bit and my face already feels hot!It's only 14% alcohol!I suck at drinking i guess...Soon more people came then we makan!After makan some start playing some card games which involves banging peoples hand and next was Twister!The person who lasted was Samantha & Amanda C.!They are really good in Twister so don't look down on them!XD.Then,watch some TV while waiting for the clock to strike 12...actually we were a few minutes late but we screamed MERRY CHRISTMAS to top of our lungs!!!XD,and everyone starts hugging and jumping...but it was a fun Christmas!

Goodbye to my friends who has gone to NS today...Hope to see you again after 3months!And don't forget about me!XD

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