Sunday, December 7, 2008

27th November 2008-part3

+Chui Ling & Fei Sin

+Fei Sin & Kuo Jien

+Kuo Jien & Jun Hin(not gays in this pic)

+Jun Hin,I & Kuo Jian

+ The Gay couple,Jun Hin & Jie Hao,Ruey ying & Fei Sin are not gay like those two!

+Big picture so I will start from left to right!Fei Sin,Guat Ling,I,Eilynnda,Linson(the mysterious one in the back),Jeffrey,The invigilator for my class but I forgotten her name,Camwhore Jie Hao,Kuo Jien the purple yam,Ivan the blue hippo,Mun Peng behind Ivan,Carmen Ho beside Ivan,Chui Ling,Hui Yi,Kok Hao & lastly Abu the Spiderman on the wall in the back!XD

+fei Sin,I,Weng Yew the celebrity in my class,Carmen,Amanda

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