Saturday, May 17, 2008


3 more days of exams then it's time to relax!!!Wait...I can't relax!I have to go to my tuition maybe almost everyday during the holidays!Dang!!!I don't think I can go out during the holidays!T-T

I am gonna thank myself for trying really hard for exams by buying The Body Shop perfume,those with flower or fruity's good to indulge yourself once in a while!

And I can't wait till this Friday!Going to eat Saisaki Japanese Buffet Lunch with my classmates!Will be broke after eatin there but no need to worry!If anyone has any financial problems...there's always Eugene to the rescue!He's our daddy!XD....I know its Teacher's Day celebration on that day,but no offense there not one teacher that i like except Cikgu Faizal!XD...Me and Emily always say he looks very HOT in RED!!!XD

Saw this at 'Dragon i' menu during Mama's Day!

It's not Char Siew Pau don't worry!It's insides are red bean!

And last month my aunt took us to some restaurant that serves Fusion Japanese food called 'Pasta Zanmai' in 1utama...Sounds familiar?I think it's the subset of 'Sushi Zanmai'!They don't sell sushi there though...they only sell spaghetti and etc...price ranging to RM18-above...very expensive but the food is good!!!XD

I ordered this spaghetti with chicken in sesame sauce!Delish!^-^

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