Saturday, May 3, 2008

Camilla Belle

Is my IDOL!!!XD.I bet you guys could recognise her from the movie '10,000BC' or 'When A Stranger Calls'.It's very rare to see me calling a girl my IDOL,so she's very special to me!^-^...And I am not a lesbian!I am a very straight person!I just admire her!

About Camilla Belle~
-A really beautiful lady with the most pretty eyes!
-She's famous for her exotic looks and well-defined eyebrows!
-she's only 22 this year!
-Young and beautiful and she's friends with Maria Sharapova(the famous tennis player who's promoting for Nike at the moment!)who is also beautiful!
-She is from a mix of American(her dad) and Brazillian(her mum),if I'm not mistaken...

I wish I could meet her in person and in the flesh!

This is how she looks now!Same hairstyle like mine leh!XD

Exams are next week and I'm still slacking around here!!!I must study!That should be my mantra for the next 3weeks of pure torture!The thing is I happen even opened a book!*screams and run in circles!*

(P.S:Emily,I know the answer!You are my BFF!Correct me if I'm wrong!And I hope it's true too!^-^)

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