Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's 1a.m in the morning and i'm not sleeping yet no matter how tired I am right now cause I wanna update my bloggy!

Lotsa things has happened lately and I didn't get a chance to blog about it!Firstly,today was one of the tuition teacher's 22nd birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!!And we get to eat pizza!!!Yummy!!!XD

And I was really annoyed yesterday about someone that is sooo stubborn,and think he/she is right in everything he/she said...that homosapien thinks that it is soo funny to confront people that didn't even do or know anything!Seriously,telling 'it' the truth is also just like the wind passed by...

Can someone tell me what's metrosexual?Cause all I know is...
1.Heterosexual=Straight people
2.Homosexual=Gay/Lesbian people
3.Bisexual=Straight or gay or lesbian also can!

I haven't even update you guys about my uncle's wedding & the saisaki outing!Well,only time will tell when I will blog about it...

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