Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

OMG!!!Tomorrow its Chinese New Year already!!!Angpau's are on their way!!!And I can't wait for it!!!But why do I have to get sick when its almost new year?!Bloody viruses!!!Stupid antibodies also can't help me right now!!!

And I gonna balik kampung tomorrow until maybe until monday morning so any updates just sms me!

Got some random pics!

Here's Ing Wei and his cute lil bro Ing Hao while waiting for their mum after tuition!Ing Wei just found out there's stars in the sky on monday!And Ing Hao looks like he's being hanged...0-0

My poor dog,Jiji...T-T...miss her a lot!So sad we can't bring her back to the kampung with us...thanks to my super fussy aunt just got a baby and she'll complain like crazy if we bring her we have to put her in Doggie-Doggie until we come back...

Some cute sweets I saw in Jusco Supermarket,at the Japanese section!One of them are star-shaped and the other is jelly beans!!!

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