Monday, February 11, 2008

Back in town!!!XD

As you can see from the title I'm finally back to KL!!!God,I miss my internet connection,my friends,my dog,and my bed!!!Yay!!!We will be picking up Jiji from the Doggie-Doggie later!!!I miss her alot!!!...

And I definitely miss all my buddies!!!I will never forget you guys!!!I was really bummed that I can't join you guys for Emily's Chinese New Year gathering!!!T-T...You people who went better tell me about it,ok?!

No family reunion dinner this year cause there's a baby in the house and it's too young to be taken out so it means I can't do my moral Project!!!!T-T...OMG!Paramjit is asking for the 2nd and 3rd oral tomorrow!!!I dont even have an article or picture to show her!!!FUG!!! I need help ASAP!!!!

My neighbour's dog who came over for...water i guess?...there's more dogs but the didnt come over...the one with the brown spots is called Bobby!Speak of the devil I miss Bobby from Penang...T-T

My new cousin!!!He's 1 month old!!!his name is Mun Yew King!He's adorable!But all babies look adorable!!!XD

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