Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crazy host family

Would you be angry after you heard your roommate was taken advantage of?Of course you will!One of the dudes which I will name as Dude A, actually started hugging and kissing her the next morning after 1 night of partying in a club where he started touching her too. Dude,seriously if you just want to have sex with her then say it instead of playing with her feelings. She moved out after I moved out cause she couldn't stand it anymore.

I even have a Facebook argument with Dude A cause he was questioning me on why was I so concern about her?Stupid egoistic men and that's not the worst part. What he said next, was so rude that I swear if I ever see him, I will throw him to the cannibals, wait that's not bad enough, oh well, it'll do.

He actually said this and I quote, "but generaly asian people likes screw,why chinese populatıon ıs very high". He wants to improve his English but I think he should keep it that way, it's so 'funny'. Another quote from the animal himself, "I claım that you and every asıans lıke sex".

He actually said ASIANS.So you tell me, if you will not feel pissed after someone said that to you(if you look at it in the correct use of English)?

Anyway,I thought I will not have to step into that house anymore but I was so wrong. I left a shoe bag under the bed and I only realized it after a week. I was so worried and I kept bugging my buddy, Akin to help me get my shoes back for the entire day after finding out and at first I couldn't tell him why cause he would kill me.

So why was the shoe bag so important that I just have to get it back? No, it's not because it's an expensive shoes or anything, it only cost me RM40 for those shoes. It's because I left my travel allowance inside that bag, all my survival money. Told Akin,the amount, he was like 0_0!!!Then he started to call for back-up in case Dude A wants to throw something at me if he sees me. The entire time,I was praying that they did not find my shoe bag before me and thank all the gods, they didn't and the money was still there. Thank all the gods that Dude A was not there when I went to get it back. I would have ninja-kick his balls if I see him.

Also my dear family did not know anything about this, if they do, they would have killed me through the phone or Skype.


Anya, who became one of my closest friends when I was there, said I was the most entertaining person/ Malaysian she has ever met. She couldn't stop laughing after I told her about the shoes and she stills remembers it until today and teases me whenever she gets the chance. She's gonna take that story back to Poland and make sure everyone she knows, will know about the "Malaysian girl and her shoes" story. I miss her a lot, couldn't get to say a proper 'Goodbye!' before she left to travel around Turkey. We used to hang out after work and watch 'The Big Bang Theory' together on her laptop and she got me into 'Pretty Little Liars' too.Hopefully, I get the chance to go to Poznan, Poland to see her again!

One day,we went to check out this cafe near our workplace and I get to try Turkish coffee for the first time, thank god there was sugar or else I would have not be able to drink it. Didn't know that you're not suppose to stir the coffee cause the coffee sands(don't know the correct term) will be spread around.

Yes,I used a straw cause they don't provide spoons and yes,it is like an espresso size-wise and taste-wise too. After finishing the liquid parts,you can actually read your fortune from the coffee sands or get someone who knows how to do it,to do it for you or else it's all just lies to make you happy.


Then, we got free desserts from a waitress cause she thought I was very pretty. Thank you lady! You certainly made my life better after what I went through before!

There's so much more to say but I gotta go!Will continue to share my Turkey experience to you guys soon cause I finished my semester already that's why, I am blogging again!YAYER!!!

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