Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I went missing cause I was in ANKARA,TURKEY!

When I was visiting Efes,Izmir.

I know it has been ages but I am back and I flew to Ankara after 1 week of finishing my 2nd semester! So I was rushing to pack and to settle the flights and the AIESEC people from Ankara are so unsure of everything that it just delayed my decision to fly to Ankara also. Parents didn't want me to go cause they are so unorganized and they think Turkey is more Muslim-like compared to Malaysia which is SO NOT TRUE!Everything just passed like a whirlwind and now I am already back in Malaysia!

I REALLY REALLY REALLY x INFINITY MISS TURKEY!!!T_T.I get so nostalgic and sad when I think about all the wonderful experiences I had there with so many wonderful people!So let me share my awesome possum experiences with you all now before I lose my memory which is highly unlikely cause it was too awesome to forget especially the bumps along the way.

Just so you know that I am going to Ankara for an internship with AIESEC called 'Myself,My World' and I was there for 6 weeks and my job was to work in that summer camp project organized by AIESEC Ankara.The project's purpose was so different once I got there compared to what it has stated in the agreement form,for example, I thought it was going to be a more teaching environment but that didn't happen.Basically,we,interns are there to encourage the high school students there to speak English and also help them to improve their English.What happened was they had no schedule planned at all so most of the activities are impromptu and basically stuff for the high school kids to play so that they won't be bored.

So I left Nasi Lemak Land aka Malaysia at the end of May. The first disaster that I have to go through when I reached Ankara's airport is that no one was there to pick me up so bad first impression of the AIESEC Ankara people.IT WAS SO SCARY CAUSE NO ONE WAS THERE TO PICK ME UP AND IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I AM TRAVELING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY ALL ON MY OWN!Luckily,Perinaz,a really nice Iranian student there that actually used my luggage to hold her bag then I talked to her and asked for help.Also thank the gods that she spoke English!So she and her boyfriend who was so sweet to pick her up from the airport actually helped me so much,they went on the bus with me and told me which station to drop off and actually waited until the people from AIESEC Ankara came to pick me up.

So the three people who came to pick me up on the first day are by far,one of the nicest Turkish people I have met and I will never forget them.Their names are Tutku,Idil and Fatih.

Tutku who loves dancing a lot,literally and Gamolly who is my first Egyptian friend who happens to be the most randomly awesome person I have ever met.XD

Idil the beautiful red hair girl and Andreea,my lovely Romanian friend.

Fatih who had to carry my very heavy about 29kg luggage up and down stairs and through traffic and still is my friend.Hahaha,I miss them all!

I was assigned to live with 2 male university students along with Katrina,a unique Chinese girl from China.It was so awkward cause I never lived in a dude's apartment and I had to live with 2 dudes and it was only my first day in Ankara and I expected a proper host family which consists of a mum,a dad and kids so another mistake by AIESEC Ankara.My desire to fly back to Malaysia became stronger,like anymore crappy things happened to me,I will just take the bus to the airport and go home cause the entire family back home was worried and kept asking me to go back if there's anything wrong.

So the dudes which I will name as Dude 1 and Dude 2 brought us to have dinner cause I was starving and it was really late when I arrived so my first meal in Ankara was Kofte.It's like a beef meatball but saltier.It was ok.

I think this was Kunefe,a sweet dessert made with cheese!

Some green chillies to go with the Kofte.

Then they took us to visit the huge mosque close to their apartment.It is called the Kocatepe Mosque.

It was so pretty at night!

The dudes managed to get us permission to enter the mosque and we had to cover our hair with a scarf before entering.

Purple building near my host family's place.

The living room

The kitchen

Thankfully,Katrina and I share a room to ourselves but for some reasons,the 2 dudes just gave me the bad vibes.It is like my guts are telling me to give a few days and if it is still there then move out ASAP.I moved out after 3 days of staying there.Why you ask?

Reason 1:They are hospitable but not so cause you gotta get ya own food or else there's no food provided.
Reason 2:They are boys so they make my messed up room seemed cleaner for once.
Reason 3:I felt left out and I think it is because they prefer Katrina cause she talks more,therefore helping them to 'improve' their English.Dude,I was helping too by correcting your English.Not my fault that you have a big ego and a short temper and you just ignore me.
Reason 4:They live far away from the office and the only way we can get to the office was by taxi and its BLOODY EXPENSIVE to use the taxi everyday!I have a budget to survive with for 6 weeks so no way I am gonna use it all cause of transportation.

Moving out was the best decision I have made since I landed because what happened a week later was the so terrible that I had to tell you about it in the next post so toodles for now!

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