Saturday, May 30, 2009

I think I saw...

Emily Yeoh on TV!XD

I was just flipping channels until I stopped at 8TV because they were showing 'Project NS' so I got curious and I watched it when its gonna end soon.So they were showing the camp where Suki(Malaysian Idol winner),a malay girl which I dont know what's her name and one malay guy who's probably from Akademi Fantasia or something.The camp they went to was the one in Sepang called 'Kem Princess Haliza'(what a weird name for a camp...) which is where Emily Yeoh was placed I think.

As they were showing the malay girl registering,I noticed someone super familiar in the background and it turns out to be Emily!XD.She was wearing this black top and carrying i think a lesportsac bag if my eyes are correct!XD

So was it really Emily on TV?Someone help me verify it!!!

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