Thursday, November 6, 2008

Malaysia is not a safe place anymore

Which is so true!My mum told me something just now that something happenned to my aunt's colleague 2 days ago.

She is 21 years old,very young and pretty girl.She went out with her friends to have a drink late in the night.After dropping her friends home,she driving alone in her car when suddenly a group 30 motorbikes started surrounding her car and she was gang-raped and also robbed.She's in the hospital now recupirating.The 30 motorcycle rapists are still on the loose!!!I hope the police will arrest them and sentence them to death!!!Death penalty for those a**holes!!!If the police won't sentence them to death,I'm gonna move out of this country,period!

I hope she gets well soon!But this event will leave a scar on her for the rest of her life...

So I hope that everyone will be more careful when you're out alone especially in the night cause you will never know who might be watching you in the dark...So Ladies must be super careful,Boyfriend must protect girlfriend properly and don't drive alone at night!!!

And good luck again to all the Form5's!!!

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