Monday, October 29, 2007

Past stuff...

I remember that time when me and my family went to Sungei Wang to look for a dress to wear for some prefect dinner thing and we were going in to every single shop that sells dresses until we went into this shop where the salesguy his hair was like those JRock & V-Kei hairstyle his went to my mum and said:

Salesguy:Hello,miss!What are you looking for?
Mum:Just looking around...
Salesguy:You know,you should try this top,it'll look so good on you!
Mum:Let me look around first...
Salesguy:You can even match it with accesories like a big belt or this long chain!
Mum:It's ok!Kye Lin,see anything you like?Got any shoes nice a not?

He left us alone for a few minutes,then I was trying on this shoe,then he came:

Salesguy:Here!Try the other side also!
Me:(fumbling with the strap)
Salesguy:Here,let me help you!
Me:No!No!It's ok!

Then,he went off to hunt my the same time his friends came in so he went to talk to them,me and my mum and my lil sis quickly went out of the my mum is the victim...

I think I'm gonna fail my Chemistry,cause I'm not studying it at all...and Sejarah also...but no matter what results I get I'll still be in my class cause it's the last class in the science stream...I love my class!Excluding some people...

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